38: Be Yourself and Be Authentic | Sarah Beth Jones | No BS Biz Coach

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Sarah Beth Jones is an empowerment coach working with driving creatives, curious professionals, wholehearted entrepreneurs, dynamic groups, and bold people of all stripes. Her talks and workshops address the thrill of embracing the fear and vulnerability of stepping into a more authentic path, a journey she’s lived from her earliest entrepreneurial days as a personal chef to today.

Sarah’s journey begins in Greensboro, North Carolina where she was born and raised. Her grandparents were entrepreneurs and her parents were activists. Growing up in this environment molded her to be drawn to activism, entrepreneurship, and being a helper as she grew older. During her college years and after graduation, she worked with teenagers in the foster system, but this became too challenging for her so she pursued another career path of being a personal chef. She opened Dining with Ease, which was a personal chef business which lasted a couple years before she discovered this, too, was not her calling. Her true calling was discovered when she co-owned a couple technology businesses and one morphed into a micro-business consulting company called Nary Ordinary Business Services (spells out No BS.)

Her true calling was discovered when she co-owned a couple technology businesses and one morphed into a micro-business consulting company called Nary Ordinary Business Services (spells out No BS.) Sarah is now a No BS Biz Coach where she “can help you to embrace your authentic self as the ultimate tool for creating the life and business of your dreams” (sarahbethjones.com).

Her business coaching can be done from anywhere with the help of Skype, but she chose to live in Roanoke because she fell in love with this little city. She loves the mountains and the environment around the city, the great restaurants, the plethora of activities going on, and the business community that thrives here. Roanoke is also close to Floyd, Blacksburg, and Christiansburg, which all have great business communities too.

For small business owners, Sarah shares a few tricks:

  • Relationships Are Important to Your Business: While it may not be the fastest way to grow your business, creating relationships, forming a community of people, and networking can do wonders for you. It can create trust between people, which is a necessity for many businesses. When Sarah meets someone new, she usually spends 75% of the time learning about the person to determine if they would be a good fit and 25% of the time talking about business.
  • The Scarcity Mentality Can be Problematic: With this mentality, you may believe that you need every customer who walks in your door to buy something when, in reality, not every person is your customer. It is okay to turn someone down that would not be a good fit for your business, or for them.
  • Think Before You Speak Online: Think about what you are sharing online, how you present yourself on social media, and how people are going to be drawn to you. If you constantly post negative comments and share your negative emotions with others, how will people perceive you (or your business)?
  • Be Yourself: Do not be afraid to be authentic and to be who you are. Pretending to be someone else or someone that people want you to be is not helping anyone. Sarah coaches her clients to step out of the comfort zone to be themselves.



Sarah’s website: www.sarahbethjones.com

Facebook: Sarah Beth Jones


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