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Matt Estes, an Employee Benefits Advisor at HSH Insurance & Safety Services, was not always into insurance. Before working here, Matt worked at an auto auction house right out of college. He was responsible for marketing, handling online sales, and calling dealers but all these responsibilities began to grow on him. He was offered a position at another business as an Account Manager where he would handle the day-to-day operations and handle claims for clients during business hours. It was here that Matt was introduced to his insurance career.

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After his wife became pregnant, Matt started looking for a better position with higher income and was offered a job at a healthcare company. He learned more about insurance and how insurers operate. This company eventually brought him to Roanoke. He also worked for Anthem Insurance for a little while as an insurance salesman before being let go by the company and being brought into HSH Insurance. Now he works in Salem and lives in Botetourt County with his wife and two kids.

The biggest challenge he had to face at HSH Insurance is twofold. First, he is not from Roanoke and does not have that community base that many others have. He does not have people he grew up with, went to high school with, or even went to college with because he grew up in Tennessee. He had to work hard on getting his name out there. Second, the nature of the business is difficult. HSH Insurance is aimed at business owners and it seeks to help them save money and provide the right insurance products to their team members. Business owners are already getting pulled in a million directions as it is and the last thing they want to do is talk to an insurance company unless of course their policy is ending or they notice a mistake on their bill. The challenge Matt faces is to engage people and help them more than just providing them with less expensive insurance.

Even though Matt and his wife are not from Roanoke, they did not want to leave the area when he had the opportunity to. They decided to stay because of the great cost of living in Roanoke, the environment of the mountains, trails, and other great places for outdoor activities, and the small business community is thriving here. Even though many major businesses are leaving Roanoke, there are a lot of small ones and they may be able to support Roanoke more than the larger businesses can.


Email: Matt_Estes@HSHI.com

LinkedIn: Matt Estes

Office: 540-389-2327, ask for Matt


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