25: How Building A Business Should Be More Like Gardening Than Hunting | Keith Finch | Creekmore Law Firm

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Keith Finch is an attorney with the Creekmore Law Firm.  He likes BIG THICK contracts and he will help you form a company.  Plus, he does intellectual property – trademarks, copyrights, and patents.  Heck, he will even help you purchase or sell a business.

If you are looking for Keith to help you with wills, personal injury, divorces, or child custody.  He is NOT your man.

Keith grew up in Blacksburg, but admits, a lot of what’s shaped him has been his time overseas.  He lived and worked in France for 2 years and Japan for 11 years.  This international experience really allowed Keith to hone his contract legal skills.

He has been back home for quite a few years now.  And, he is excited to utilize his international expertise right here in Blacksburg and Roanoke in helping you.

When it comes to business law and contracts, Keith is YOUR MAN.  He loves diving into a thick contract and losing himself in it, grasping its structure, and then fixing it – squeezing out all the ambiguities, then making it do what the parties to the contract really want it to do.  There is a science to it.  And, Keith has mastered that science.

If you are starting your own business, embrace Keith’s expert insight below (it’s not legal advice, but it sure is worthwhile advice):

  • make sure you have enough capital to swing for the fence
  • test your market, test your market, and test your market again
  • know your blind spots and learn how to check them
  • think about where the track will lead when you go off of it — put differently, if things go well then you will stay on that single track you’ve planned for, but if things don’t go well then there are dozens of other tracks you could find yourself on
  • if you find you’re in a rush, be sure to ask why; if it’s possible to slow down, then slow down

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Expertise You Can Count On

We are committed to helping our clients understand the legal landscape before them. We work together with our business clients, helping them reduce risks and protect their enterprise. Our attorneys are experts on intellectual property, business counseling, and business litigation.  Together, we can work with your business to limit your liability and help you gain an edge against your competition.  When it becomes necessary, we have the experience to fight for you and your business in court.

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Contests—Legit vs Illegal Gambling

Want to hold Bingo night at your church next Wednesday? Want to do a raffle at your next business event? You may be within your legal rights to do so, if you’re a charity, since Virginia law allows a not-for-profit charity to hold raffles and bingo games without a permit. But there are still a lot of regulations of which you need to be aware and rules you have to follow.


Join us this month (August) for a look at Virginia’s charitable gaming regulations and learn how to legally add a little fun to your events while keeping the organization and its principles out of hot water with the authorities.

  • Blacksburg: August 23
  • Roanoke: August 24

Grant Management

  • Blacksburg: September 27
  • Roanoke: September 28

IP Ownership Rights

  • Blacksburg: October 25
  • Roanoke: October 26


  • Blacksburg: November 15
  • Roanoke: November 16

Franchise Problems, Accidental Franchise 

  • Blacksburg: December 20
  • Roanoke: December 21

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