Fashion Stylist Donna Wallace Shares 3 Tips On Dressing For Success!

written by: Zanne Lamb-Hunt

Donna Wallace is a fashion stylist, image consultant and fashion blogger. She has been in the fashion business for twenty years and is the resident stylist for The Joy Sutton Show.

She’s an absolute guru when it comes to creating affordable style to reflect individual personalities while displaying great fashion sense and confidence. Donna knows what it takes to dress for success and offers 3 tips that anyone can use to build a fully functional wardrobe.

Tip #1.   Remember – You Have To Fit Into This World

“But,” Donna says, “you have to do it with confidence. To do it with confidence, you have to be yourself.”

She advises budding fashionistas, “You can’t wear a flannel shirt, leggings and knee-high boots to go on a job interview and think you’re going to get the job. But, you can take the elements of what you like in that outfit – the comfort, the look, the feel — and apply those ideas to something that is interview worthy.”

Tip #2. Pick A Main Style – Then Select A Few Integrative Styles

“There are about 10 basic styles. Usually, people fall into two or three categories of what they like within style. There’s one thing they gravitate to the most and then there’s the little bits of things they gravitate to in others.”

According to Donna, “It doesn’t matter what the three styles are that you pick. Once you pick them, stay within those styles. It makes your wardrobe more cohesive.”

Tip #3. Pick A Main Color Theme

“That’s really hard for Americans to do! If you go anywhere else in the world, you’re not going to see the color that you see in America. We have more color in our wardrobe.”

“Pick a basic color that everything goes with. It can be neutral or it can be a color. Black, brown, grey…any color can be the basic foundation for your wardrobe. Then add cohesively. Select items that interact with the basic color.”

This is the formula for better fashion with fewer pieces and at less expense. “Now you’ve got your style and you’ve got your color. When you buy your clothes, you don’t have to have a hundred items in your wardrobe. You can live with twenty-five items in a wardrobe.”

“If they’re twenty-five of the right pieces of clothing, they’re all going to work together for work, for casual, for an evening out and for lounging.”

A Bonus Tip! — “You don’t fold your jeans. You roll them! They’re not supposed to be even. You don’t want anything to look forced. That’s this season!”

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– Article Written with content provided by Episode #001 – interview with Hal Cone.


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