28: Businesses Can Be Successful and Thrive in Roanoke | Drew Arney | Wingman Outfitter

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Drew Arney, a Financial Advisor by day and a business owner by night, created a new accessory for canoes that will help stabilize them on the river and add extra storage.

Drew grew up in Roanoke, graduated from Longwood University, and moved to Washington, D.C. to begin working for an international firm. He passed his Certified Public Account exam after a few years and requested a transfer to move back home to Roanoke. When his wife became pregnant, he decided to switch jobs to become a Financial Advisor in order to provide more for his family.

He joined with a friend to create Wingman Outfitter, a canoe outrigger that utilizes coolers to provide stability, storage, and safety on the river. The team initially made thirty products, which quickly sold out, so they double their manufacturing process to create sixty outriggers and are in the process of selling them now.

Drew’s favorite part about owning a business in Roanoke is the amount of resources the city has to offer with CoLab, Roanoke Outside, ScaleUp Roanoke, and Star Tank. There are also a lot of rivers around Roanoke for the team and customers to use the canoe outrigger.

If you are starting a business, Drew shares tips for business owners to successful:

  • Exceed Customer Expectations: provide a product or a service better than what the customer thinks they are going to get
  • Be Grounded Spiritually: before Drew takes on a challenge, he looks to God for answers and it allows his mind to stay calm as he moves forward
  • Have A Good Relationship With Your Spouse: your spouse provides support and motivates you since they believe in you
  • Follow A Morning Routine: prepare your body and mind for the tasks at hand each day so you can be more effective in your work
  • Work Smarter, Not Harder: take extra time to plan ahead; this will create less stress and cause you to not waste time as you try to figure out what you’re doing as you’re doing it

The Wingman Outfitter has been reviewed Canoe & Kayak MagazineDeadDrift OutfittersCanoeVibesand Pythom.

Photo Credit: Wingman Outfitter
Photo Credit: Wingman Outfitter



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