45: Connecting Women, Building Relationships, Making Roanoke a Better Place | Dayna Harvey | Roanoke Valley Women’s Lifestyle Showcase

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Interview with Dayna Harvey, Roanoke Valley Women’s Lifestyle Showcase:

Making a difference has always been important to Dayna Harvey. Since she got her lifeguard and swimming teaching certifications at the age of 16, she has been teaching children to swim and how to save their own lives. Canadian born, Dayna moved to Roanoke 11 years ago with her family, at the time knowing only 2 people. She felt lost and disconnected and wished for a local resource that would help her find all the great things to do in this community. Upon speaking with some of her new friends, she found she wasn’t the only one that wanted to connect with the businesses, organizations, and events in Roanoke Valley. It was then that the idea of RoanokeForWomen.com and RoanokeForMoms.com was born.

These days, Dayna is still teaching swimming because she believes it is what she was put on this planet to do, and she loves making a difference to the community in that way. However, she’s making a difference to the entrepreneurial community too. With a college degree in Marketing Communications, a successful business of her own, and a strong belief in the value of building relationships, it’s a perfect fit. Dayna wants to help any business or organization here in the Roanoke Valley that truly wants to connect with local women and local moms. She does this through the Roanoke Valley Women’s Lifestyle Showcase.

For women of Roanoke, admission is free and there will be 200 diverse local businesses showcased under one roof. It’s an event where women can walk, learn, connect, eat and laugh. It’s a time for women to come together, take their time and get to know local businesses. They can show up for one day and find themselves a financial planner, a place to have birthday parties for the kids, taste some candy and see what new makeup is out there. It’s diverse and all local, and a great way to connect with businesses that can help solve the problems women and moms need help with.

For local businesses, the showcase is a great opportunity to build relationships and have that face-to-face connection with local women. If you are a business owner and your target market is local women and local moms, and you have some money set aside in your marketing budget, the showcase is a unique opportunity in Roanoke. Research shows that women especially do business with people they know, like and trust. Consumers also need to be touched with information 7 – 10 times before they’re willing to make a buying decision. Facebook, magazines, TV, and email are great, but actually shaking somebody’s hand and having a conversation with them about their needs and desires is very powerful. To Dayna, that is the beginning of a relationship that builds real loyalty.

Networking and relationship building are two things Dayna believes in strongly. It’s what has helped her be not only successful in business but become a part of the Roanoke community and make a difference to those around her. Her mother taught her that if you continue to do what you’ve always done you can’t expect different results. It was this attitude that saw her innovate to create the Showcase, and not just another expo or fair. It’s an opportunity for business owners to help women and other business owners, and Dayna encourages you to reach out if you need some help. People are willing to help if you ask.

As well as making a difference, doing business with integrity is an important value for Dayna. That’s why if she can’t personally help you, she’ll likely know someone who can through the connections she’s built over the last 11 years. She knows owning a business is a lot of work, but she also knows there is a pool of resources of sharp individuals and companies in Roanoke that you can tap into.

She wants to know what your two biggest challenges are right now so that she can help you get what you need, learn what you want to know and grow your business. As both a business owner and a woman consumer herself, Dayna knows the power of those relationships and connections to help overcome challenges.

Supporting others and surrounding herself with supportive people is what it’s all about for Dayna. She’s a tall poppy (the tall poppy story credit goes to Holly Sarratt Frye) , and she doesn’t want to have her stem cut by the people who spread negativity. She’d rather create a community of other business owners and people who are also tall poppies, who support each other and make a difference overall in the community. For Dayna, it doesn’t matter how close your stem has come to being severed, you can heal and keep growing taller. She’ll never say, ‘You can’t do it’ but instead loves being able to say, ‘Yeah, it’s hard. Let’s do it together.’ After all, life in Roanoke is better for all of us when we help each other and do it together.



If you’re a business owner, send Dayna and email or a text with your two biggest challenges so she can help you get connected with the right people to help you overcome them.



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