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“People deserve to eat the best, and they deserve to know where their food comes from.” – Charlie Counts

Charlie Counts started Local Seafood Delivery with a single cooler.  It was full of fresh, locally caught seafood.

In the summer of 2010, Charlie returned home from Topsail, NC and delivered a selection of the best seafood he had found to The Harvest Table Restaurant in Meadowview, VA.  The seafood was a huge hit with The Harvest Table and Charlie wanted to take that philosophy and expand it to restaurants here in the Roanoke Valley.  He serves some of Roanoke’s finest restaurants, like River and Rail, Lucky’s, and Local Roots, among others on his wholesale side.  And, is in his 6th year of providing Roanoke families the best seafood, he can find, through his retail division.  As Charlie sees it, “People deserve to eat the best, and they deserve to know where their food comes from.”

You can find him online or at the local farmers’ markets.  Charlie says its best to order online by Mondays of the week you want the best seafood you can put in your mouth.  If you forget to order, all may not be lost.  Come see him at the Roanoke Historic Market on Thursdays, the South County Seasonal Farmers Market on Fridays, and the Grandin Village Community Market on Saturdays.

More From the Local Seafood Delivery Us Website:


Fresh seafood that’s never frozen tastes better, period.  I source our seafood as locally as possible from the Carolinas so it doesn’t need to be frozen to make the trip. My goal is to continue delivering seafood from a local source to restaurants and individuals so that people can enjoy the difference between fresh and frozen.

How fresh is fresh? I pick up your seafood on Wednesday with most of the catch coming from the waters of North Carolina within one-two days, sometimes hours, after being caught. The dock fillets your order, I pack it on ice in our coolers and make my first delivery of the trip 6 hours later to the River and Rail restaurant in Roanoke, VA.  I begin selling at the Historic City Market Thursday morning at 9 am. On Thursday, your seafood is less than 24 hours off the dock and I tend to sell out quickly. Your seafood is guaranteed to be fresh and safe to eat on Saturday night for dinner with your family and friends.  Additionally, you can freeze any of your fresh products because they have never been previously frozen.


I live in Salem, VA and travel to Surf City, NC on Topsail Island (303 miles from my backyard) every Wednesday to pick up the fresh catch of the week. I have access to all kinds of fish from around the world, but I encourage what’s coming in domestically, especially locally in the Carolinas and Virginia. The dock has built close relationships with commercial fishermen over the years, both in the immediate area and surrounding states. The dock can count on the fishermen to harvest sustainably, respecting by-catch and limit/size quotas, and the fishermen can count on the dock to purchase what they harvest.

I guarantee that you will know where your seafood comes from each week.  Not all fish is in season in NC and VA at all times during the year. During these times the dock will get domestic, wild-caught, and fresh seafood flown in from Boston, Florida, the Gulf, and Alaska. If you are searching for a specialty item that we have to source elsewhere, we will oblige you if it’s available. Of course, we encourage what’s coming domestically and sustainably as much as possible.

How It Works:

Step 1: Order Online

You can view our selection and order online until Tuesday at midnight.
I pick up your fresh seafood on Wednesdays.
You do not pay in advance because we don’t get exact portions every time.
Orders received by Monday will be charged NO TAX (2.5% discount).

Step 2: Pick Up

When placing an order online, you will select which market and day to pick up your order. Simply stop by with your cooler, and take home your fresh catch! We prefer cash and checks. Remember to check market times!

Step 3: Eat

Preparing your seafood is easy and fun!
We are in the process of shooting easy-to-follow YouTube video recipes to help you along. Peruse our Pinterest recipes and check out the photos our customers have posted to Facebook. Feel free to share your own!



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Yep, You can Charlie Directly: (276) 206-0008

Local Seafood Delivery website

Local Seafood Delivery on Facebook

Email Charlie


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