4: ACCIDENTAL Entrepreneur Tells Us How To eXperience Roanoke | Thomas Becher | eXperience yp

Be Inspired | Do Good:

Thomas Becher – Author, Journalist, Airplane aficionado, are just a few titles he holds claim to.

Thomas uses his specialized skills to help businesses of all sizes and industries pursue strategic, results-driven campaigns in public relations and advertising around the nation.

He is passionate about seeing the Roanoke Valley grow and thrive.  And, rather than just talk about it, he is taking action.

Thomas created a conference as a way to “market” our community and its many advantages. Through eXperience yp (experienceyp.com) young professionals (YP) are connected and empowered to strengthen the Roanoke community.

The conference is an ideal eXperience for all young professionals.  Whether you are an out-of-towner or current YP already in the region – you’ll build relationships with other YP’s, business leaders, Plus learn about abounding opportunities in the Roanoke area.







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