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“Be willing to put in the work and effort.  Effort is the great equalizer.” – Philip Tompkins

What started as a vision, on a whiteboard in Silicon Valley, has now turned into a passionate, bootstrapped startup for Philip Tompkins.  While in California, every evening after work, he would discuss, brainstorm, and tweak his vision while his best friend poked hole after hole in his plan.  After about 40 iterations, We Evolve Us was fully conceptualized and born.

What is an Evolver?  “A do-er, a hustler, a builder, an organizer, that contributes their time, skills, knowledge, or money to improve their community.”

Philip saw that the world needed an app to bring together all of the community projects, events, and organizers into one place. A social network to build the things that improve local communities. Whether you’re trying to throw a large-scale nonprofit fundraiser, build a community garden, remodel your bathroom, or organize a neighborhood BBQ.  We Evolve Us provides the tools to organize, gather resources, and accomplish any project or idea.

When asked about his biggest challenge in starting We Evolve Us, Philip said, “That would definitely be building the tech behind the platform.  This is by far the most ambitious thing I’ve ever done, we’ve built a really flexible platform for being able to adapt and evolve as we gather feedback from users. We’re basically scaling some really complex things that haven’t really been scaled yet and we’re able to deploy custom applications in a really short time.”

Philip believes the customer has to come before the investors and it shows in the company’s pursuit of its flexible, scalable, and highly customizable platform.  Meeting the customers’ needs as quickly as possible.

It’s a big dream.  A lofty goal.  An ambitious venture, which can only be achieved with a special, cohesive, and passionate team, that are Evolvers themselves.  Philip has that team.  He says there is no way he could do this without them.  They keep him motivated.  They push him ahead.



More From The We Evolve Us Website:

Our Mission:

To build an evolving set of tools that empower people to plan, build, and implement their ideas.

Our Vision:

The Vision of We Evolve Us Corporation started off back in 2014 with a few developers, designers, and a plan to build a web platform for organizing ideas. We decided the internet needs a central place to connect and inform people about all of the amazing things being done in each local community and abroad. We believe in social networking with a purpose, where ideas evolve and have a direct impact on the lives of those involved. We hope to eventually see each local area and community around the world building and organizing the ideas that are important to them, and when some world-changing idea is implemented by users, the results will be available for others to replicate in their own local area. This will lead to the rapid adoption of ideas, giving us the ability to keep up with the speed at which technology is progressing, and lead to collaboration across the world to work together on the problems we all face.

What we do:

We are a team of developers, designers, engineers, and content creators. weevolveus.com is what we spend our time building. The platform itself is made up of 3 main components:

  • A cloud platform for project management and organization.

There are similar tools in the corporate world that have been around for a long time, but for some reason no one has offered these services to the general public.

  • A social sharing site for raising awareness about great ideas being built.

We break everything down into locations you can quickly jump between to see what’s happening in your local city or across the entire globe.

  • A crowd-sourcing site for finding the things you need to implement your ideas.

We want to help encourage the sharing economy that’s emerging and help take it to the next level. Crowd-souring not just funding for your ideas, but also the people with specific knowledge, skills, or tools you need.




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