54: A Common Connection through Unrelated Hobbies Founded New Business | Mike Childress | Agile Marketing Collective, LLC

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Interview with Mike Childress, the Owner of Agile Marketing Collective, LLC:

This week on Roanoke Podcast for Good, Hal speaks with Mike Childress, marketing consultant and founder of Agile Marketing Collective LLC. In this episode, we follow Mike’s journey from 10 years of active-duty in the army, studies at the United States Military Academy at West Point, his transition to corporate America working for Medtronic and going out on his own by starting his company here in Roanoke Valley in 2013, Agile Marketing Collective. Our conversation follows Mike’s dive into digital marketing, the lessons he’s taken away from his time in the Army and in working in the corporate world, the importance of empowering and support one another (especially amongst fellow business owners!), the influence of his incredible wife, Faith and 3 boys, the power of God on his path as well as insight and tips for small business owners considering their own marketing strategy.

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Written by: Emma Shulist

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