32: Developing Youth Through the Game of Soccer | Landon Moore | Star City Soccer Center

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Landon Moore, or as some may know him as Coach Moore, is a Roanoke native and the owner of Soccer Shots in Roanoke, Star City Soccer Academy, and the founder of Star City Soccer Foundation. He has devoted his life to his favorite sport, which he teaches to children as young as two years old.

Credit: Landon Moore (Facebook)

Landon began his career right out of college as an English teacher at William Fleming High School. He never had education experience, but this position allowed him to work for a school that needed a soccer coach. He continued to teach and coach for three years before accepting a position as a coach for Hollins University. He, then, left to become a franchisee owner of Soccer Shots in Roanoke and founded Star City Soccer Academy and Star City Soccer Foundation shortly after.

Although all the organizations Landon is a part of are all about soccer, they each have a different mission. Soccer Shots is for young children between two and seven years old. They are taught an introduction to the game of soccer which helps with early childhood development. The program is held at different preschools, schools, childcare centers, and public locations in Roanoke. Star City Soccer Academy is a more advanced soccer education course where children can learn techniques, skills, and fundamentals of the game in a professional environment. Star City Soccer Foundation is a non-profit organization that teaches soccer to refugees and immigrants in Roanoke, which creates education and leadership opportunities for them. All of these programs fall under the umbrella of Star City Soccer Center, which is an indoor soccer field in SW Roanoke.

The biggest challenge that Landon had to overcome with all his priorities is finding the balance between his family life (with his wife and two-and-a-half-year-old son) and his work life. The business and his family are always on his mind so it is difficult to completely devote time to one or the other. His business cannot be viewed as an escape from his family, nor his family can be seen as an escape from his business. To balance the two, Landon decided to not separate his family life from his work life. They are all merged together. He knows his family has needs just like his business.



Star City Soccer Academy

Soccer Shots Southwest Virginia (Facebook)

Landon Moore (Facebook)

Star City Soccer Center (Facebook)

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