64: The Transportation Solution That’s Not Just Another Designated Driver Service | Diane Rumbolt | Big Lick Boomerang

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Interview with Diane Rumbolt, Owner of Big Lick Boomerang:

Born in Toronto, Canada, life threw Diane Rumbolt a curve ball when she and her now-husband moved to Roanoke for his job. After becoming a mother of three, Diane felt the urge to pursue her interests outside of the home. While taking classes at the Roanoke Police Academy, Diane heard a judge speak about addiction therapy, and that inspired her to create Big Lick Boomerang, a designated driving service offering people a safe ride home in their own vehicle. In the podcast, Diane discussed her passions, her love for her family, and her gratitude for the amazing community support given to her company over the past year.



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 Written by Heather Hawkins

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