36: Websites Matter More Than You Think | Daniel Vos | IX Publishing, Inc.

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Daniel Vos is a website developer, entrepreneur, educator, and fellow member of the CoLab. He helps dozens of organizations regionally, nationally, and internationally with website design, hosting, marketing, and consulting through his parents’ business, IX Publishing Inc. He also inspires growth in others by teaching online classes in website design and tutoring high school students in test preparation strategies.

Daniel grew up in Michigan, where IX Publishing is based out of, and then moved to Roanoke with his wife, Rebecca. Rebecca is a Roanoke native and currently works as a homemaker, birthing coach, and photographer. They have been married for ten years, have three children, and attend Christ the King Presbyterian Church.

When talking with us about his knowledge of website design, Daniel shared great advice about how a website should be viewed. For a small one-person business, a website is typically viewed as a piece of technology, but it should have a greater purpose as a communication tool. The bigger your vision for your business, the more you need to recognize that the website matters beyond technology. You need to keep publishing content to it, which may require more team members and human resources, and you need to figure out your process for publishing content and how to execute this process.

The first step to identifying what your website is supposed to do starts with asking the right questions:

  1. What is the purpose and objective of the website?
  2. What is the target market (or who is your customer) of the website?
  3. How do members of your target market use digital technologies?
  4. What resources do you have available (both in-house and outsourcing)?
  5. What is going to make the website the most effective?

These questions help to define why the website exists and how it can be used effectively to bring in more customers. When Daniel meets with a new client, these questions are asked to help move the business forward.



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